Sofia Richie Lesbian Vacay and Shit Around the Web

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Claudia Romani Hits From the Thong and Shit Around the Web

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Sarah Hyland Six Ounces and a Wide Mile from Anorexia

Sarah Hyland took to the notes section of her iPhone to clap back at h8ers calling her anorexic. The Modern Family actress was criticized for sharing a photograph on Instagram in which her emaciated appearance would make the CK One models sneak in an extra Tic Tac. read more

Sarah Hyland Makes Me Wiener Happy And Shit Around The Web

I've been in deep lust with Sarah Hyland since I first saw her on Modern Family. Before it was OK, even. But now everything is on board and I don't have to worry about possible jail time. read more

SAG Awards Super Black

It'd be racist to call the SAG Awards super black, except every single black actor in the universe noted it themselves in speeches and via Twitter. Idris Elba won an award for being super good looking and black and declared 'welcome to diverse TV'. Diverse being the code... read more

GQ Gets Girls With Racks That Care

GQ is your gay friend who throws parties with tons of hot girls. I know you don't have a gay friend who throws parties with tons of hot girls. Pretend. Large groups of attractive women feel cool and safe and half naked at his place because he's consumed with the... read more

Sarah Hyland Is All Grown Up And Shit Around The Web

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland has grown up and out right before our eyes. Here she is hanging out with some friends in bikinis. She seems to be getting very friendly with one of those girlfriends too. Sarah is totally legal so it's OK. (Drunken Stepfather) Sarah Tansy... read more

Sarah Hyland Sexy Fire Girl

I'm not sure what counselors are advising these days to current stalking victims, but I'm going to guess sharing upskirts in provocative fire woman outfits next to giant pink cupcakes isn't one of them. Not that you should change your life because your psycho... read more

Sarah Hyland's Ex-Boyfriend Has Too Much Free Time

There's no way to evaluate whether or not your current squeeze is someday going to be your future crazy fucking ex. Actually, there is, but in the days of fresh sex and pet names, you're too drunk with quim to notice. There certainly is a solid way to tell if somebody... read more

Sarah Hyland Got Felt Up Down Under

Modern Family's pretend jailbait daughter, Sarah Hyland, had an overzealous fan cop a feel during a photocall event in Australia. The show was in Australia filming an episode to formally jump the shark and Hyland was headed to a party for the cast and crew at a Sydney... read more

Sarah Hyland Pumped Up for The Vampire Academy Premiere

I guess there's no real point in coming up with new stories for school girls when Twilight can just be redone a few more times. What was so wrong about reading about human girls discovering boys and their monthly and Mrs. Jones who got robbed at the mall by a gang of... read more

Sarah Hyland Is Confused

Sarah Hyland was spotted looking a bit flustered and uncomfortable while walking through LAX, but I really don't know what all her confusion was about. I clearly stated follow the instructions, so relax, just do as you were told and no one gets hurt. It's all right there... read more