Sarah Silverman Scared Shitless By American Flag (VIDEO)

On her Hulu show that may or may not be watched by zero people not residing within five miles of our nation's coastlines, Sarah Silverman admitted that she once saw a boyfriend raise the American flag outside his house and it made her feel super weird. read more

Sarah Silverman Bikini Body

Sarah Silverman might not be remembered as a comedic feminist warrior like woke stand up cohort Amy Schumer. Probably because she doesn't look like a potato. Women are less likely to take to someone who could steal their man. While many female comedians have the finesse... read more

Sarah Silverman Intends to Heal the Divide

Sarah Silverman locked up a new political talk show for the Hulu network where she intends to heal divisions in this nation by asking people to understand why she's right and you're wrong. It's a novel tactic tried largely unsuccessfully by parents on their teenagers... read more

Hollywood Comes to the Rescue of Leggings Girls

You knew it would it would take some extraordinary turn of events to rip palatial living Twitter warriors away from their laser beams of 140 character anti-Trump truth. Done.  read more

Michael Sheen Quitting Hollywood to Fight Nazis

Michael Sheen is best known as that guy in Masters of Sex and as that other guy in a ton of movies over the past fifteen years, including Passengers and Nocturnal Animals out now. He's also fucking Sarah Silverman. read more

Sarah Silverman Backdoored and Ugly British Milk-Moms on The Last Men on Earth Podcast #54

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we delve into off-the-grid hippies with weird tit fetishes, Sarah Silverman's Twitter hacked by Anonymous, or so she claims, the re-death of Justin Bieber lookalike Tobias Strebel, Conrad Murray waiting a half dozen years after... read more

Sarah Silverman Almost Died

When supremely rare diseases come afflicting, they're certain to hit up somebody famous. Epiglottitis affects nineteen in a million adults according to medial incidence reports. So never if you're rounding. The little flap at the base of your tongue becomes virally... read more

SAG Awards Super Black

It'd be racist to call the SAG Awards super black, except every single black actor in the universe noted it themselves in speeches and via Twitter. Idris Elba won an award for being super good looking and black and declared 'welcome to diverse TV'. Diverse being the code... read more

Sarah Silverman Topless Again

Sarah Silverman doesn't have a ton of competition for bleak personal flicks about midlife Jewish women suffering untold and unseen emotional traumas. Especially when she agrees to take SAG minimum and promote the film on her robust Twitter. Box Office Mojo makes it much... read more

Sarah Silverman Drop Dead Titties at HFPA

After no Google alerts on her own name for a week, Sarah Silverman found the lowest cut dress she could find and showed up to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association event enticing drunk Turkish men to assault her in front of a TMZ camera. It was that or a Bush hates... read more

Sarah Silverman Justifies the Ends

Sarah Silverman added her own video clip last week to the streams of women with anecdotal evidence about women making less money than men for the exact same job. Anecdotal evidence has been trumping scientific data since the dawn of time, with a sharp upward trend in the... read more

Sarah Silverman Victimized (VIDEO)

Sarah Silverman called out some club booker who gave her ten dollars for popping into his club forty years ago. The comedian she was rolling with, Todd Barry, was given sixty because she was tagging along and the booker was being nice. Silverman's comedy world relatively... read more