Madonna Hoarding Young Men

Madonna is on to her next young victim. The Methuselah like pop singer dumped her twenty-six-year-old eldercare provider, Aboubakar Soumahoro, for the more mature thirty-one-year-old, Kevin Sampaio. read more

Warner Bros. Bachelor Investigation Finds Warner Bros. All Clear

Internal corporate investigations have the perception of being rigged and whitewashed. Largely from decades of rigged and whitewashed internal corporate investigations. read more

Colin Kaepernick Using Reverse Psychology to Land a Job

Largely sub-par 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned by any NFL team this offseason. The Niners let him go either because the remaining years of his contract were dramatically overvalued, or because he's a Black Lives Matter lightning rod. read more

Johnny Depp Spent Like a Drunken Sailor

The business management firm Johnny Depp is suing for leaving him cash poor after twenty years of raking massive paydays is countersuing and releasing emails sent from their reps to Depp urging him to stop spending like a fucking twat baby.  read more

Erika Jordan Hoverboard Hottie and Shit Around the Web

Chanel Iman hits the beach, Lake Bell gets busty, and more! read more

Bella Hadid Moving Bags

The crowning achievement of any model is landing the eight hundred dollar purse gig. Even chicks like Bella Hadid who are half naked most of the time appreciate the chance to promote wares that go hand in hand with overcoats. That's a nice break from diarrhetics the week... read more

Paris Jackson Breaks Ground With Texting Only Interview

It's not uncommon for celebrities to be interviewed by phone. For shitty magazines. For editions of Vogue in major Western nations, when an expensive photo shoot is involved, it's highly unusual. For Paris Jackson, it was a texting only interview with Vogue Australia.  read more

Makeup-Free Gal Gadot Fucks Us

Gal Gadot took to Instagram to share a makeup-free selfie in the aftermath of a sleepless night with her sick newborn. A makeup-free selfie from a highly fuckable celebrity is a huge "go kill yourself" to hard working ladies everywhere. read more

Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 50: Katy Perry's Butt And Lucy Hale's Nude Debut

We got plenty of new nudes to discuss this week on the Mr. Skin Podcast, including the new seasons of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, and the final seasons of Kingdom and The Leftovers. Plus, some streaming nudes courtesy of Katy Perry, and a look ahead to... read more

Lorde Autoimmune Disease Apology For Cyberbullying Justice

Elevated Hot Topics cashier Lorde publicly apologized for comments she made comparing Taylor Swift's fame to an autoimmune disease. A moment of clarity for those suspecting Swift was an autoimmune disease all along. read more

Alyssa Milano Financially Devastated

Alyssa Milano is the latest celebrity to sue her business manager for waking up in her 40's and being told she's broke. Milano claims she was swindled and misguided by the firm in charge of her finances, while the firm claims Milano spent like a fiend without care of... read more

Carrie Fisher Party Drug Cocktail

Hollywood has an obsession with recreational drugs. Also, pretending they have nothing to do with premature celebrity deaths. Mama Cass choked on a ham sandwich. The rest on their own vomit.  read more