Demi Lovato Feminist Under Tit For "Narcissistic Career"

Demi Lovato will pretty much adopt any cause that she reads about in a Buzzfeed listicle, and today that cause is dec under tit in a "feminist" crop top. From the Forever 21 "Woke Slut" collection. This is what we've been fighting for. Lovato is sometimes a lesbian when... read more

Kate Hudson In Heap Of Trouble With C-Section Social Media Soldiers

Women have been arguing since the day humans developed the concept of what an opposing opinion is. The internet has done nothing but empower and embolden the bloodthirsty beast that is known as a collective group of angry women upset over any given topic. read more

Josh Duggar Just Doesn't Pull Out, Daddy Again

In Arkansas you're either into college football or a desperate search for something to do to cure boredom. If you're Josh Duggar, you're probably into kids. read more

Scarlett Johansson Seals Divorce Deal, Free Woman

I believe Scarlett looked better with more hair on her head. Mostly because she didn't look like she was about to fight Sylvester Stallone.  read more

Teyana Taylor Fashion Runway Twerk

I'm convinced most attendees that annually attend high-end fashion shows have never been anywhere near a Harlem strip club. That can be the only way Teyona Taylor keeps grabbing headlines with her "daring dance moves." read more

KFC Heiress Has a Snack Pack for You

Bodies like hers come from the strict abstinence of buckets filled with fried chicken and french fries. So getting involved in lingerie seemed a little more up her avenue than the management of meat.  read more

Scott Disick Takes a Page From Kayne, Breaks Down

This is a lesson to learn for anyone taking the Kardashians lightly. They're not real celebrities. All of them are famous for doing absolutely nothing. There are forces beyond his control working in the background. Hang in there, buddy. read more

Miley Cyrus, Millennial Guide

If you turn the lights out and say the word millennial three times in the mirror Miley Cyrus will appear behind you to take a "selfie for the gram." read more

Jamie Foxx Goes Public With Katie Holmes

There's only so much a wife can endure when her husband refuses to respect Oprah's furniture. Not only did Tom Cruise damage the upholstery of others, he damaged his marriage as well. This left Katie up for grabs to the next ready and willing Hollywood bachelor, Jamie... read more

Low Ratings For Kylie Jenner Show May Kancel Her Kareer

Anything Kardashian family related gets an abundance of attention. So when news that Kylie Jenner is starting to blow on camera, it's actually not something you want to see.  read more

Amber Rose Buys Rapper Promise Ring

Diamonds are really the only way you can get a rapper to double take before he takes the panties of some other stripper off. If you wanted your celebrity musician boyfriend to be loyal to you, you should have dated a Jonas Brother. read more

Lady Gaga's Cock Gets Complaints

Is anyone really surprised Lady Gaga is the proud owner of a cock? Her entire aura oozes eccentric frequencies and wavelengths. So when she chose to adopt animals found on Old Macdonald's farm nothing seemed out of place. read more